-What is Rush?

Greek organizations practice what is called either Recruitment or Intake. There are two forms of recruitment, formal and informal. Formal recruitment consists of a “Rush Week” where each chapter will host a series of events for potential new members. The formal process allows you to experience the brotherhood and various activities we engage in. However, throughout the remainder of the calendar year, all young men will have the opportunity to meet and interact with our fraternity members (informal recruitment). The Membership Intake process to join occurs at various times throughout the year at the discretion of each chapter, in accordance with university policies, rules, and regulations.

-What is the Financial obligation?

Like some opportunities for involvement in college, there is a financial commitment associated with a joining a fraternity or sorority. The costs go toward the Inter/National fees, chapter operating expenses, and social functions. Financial obligations differ among individual chapters, as well as living in or out of a chapter house. Typically, these consist of chapter dues, national dues, and philanthropy dues. We understand the strain these unexpected expenses can cause on students and/or parents so we offer many types of fundraising opportunities to help. 

-What will AIO offer me?

Joining a fraternity gives you life-long relationships and connections. You will be given many opportunities to meet a variety of people and gain experience outside the academic environment. Besides the social aspect of a fraternity, a greek org gives you many opportunities in terms of philanthropy. Joining AIO will be something you are proud to stand for, and we hope that you can join our family in the future. 

-What is a Bid? What if I don't get a Bid this semester?

The Bid is an invitation to join a fraternity. Bids are given out through an exclusive fashion to certain members who attend rush events. If you weren't given a bid this semester, no worries, you would be invited to the rush events the following semester. 

-Why will I want to join AIO? 

AIO gives you more than just a social environment. Our four principles consist of brotherhood, networking, philanthropy, and cultural competence. In essence, we offer an environment where brothers feel comfortable to explore their full potential while giving back to the community. For example, AIO has hosted the 5k India Run since 2006, contributing almost 40k last year towards American Cancer Society’s India Cancer Initiative.

-What are the benefits of becoming a Brother?

AIO has been around for almost 20 years. Throughout that time, we have had six chapters develop in the United States, which individually have had numerous brothers pass through. As a member of AIO, you are not only part of the brotherhood locally but are part of this larger group of members, both current and past. Our Alumni actively pass down knowledge, traditions and strive to provide opportunities.  

-Does your fraternity haze?

No, AIO does not haze. Hazing is illegal in American colleges. AIO ensures that each chapter follows non-hazing guidelines set forth by its campus. Hazing is extremely detrimental towards our image and creates a divide within our fraternity.